Fldigi Using WSJT, Fldigi and other digital scripts and Macros

To get Transceiver chosen, go to Config, then RigCAT, then hamlib and use pull down menu
Software is loaded on both Mac and HP laptops

HP laptop seems to be most easily configured Odd things on HP with WSJT: Red circle by freq won't go away. Rig error indicated. App closes if message window closed. Huge strong signal shows in waterfall at left edge???? On HP, Fldigi won't activate iMac sound sometimes changes to mute on its own (??). No transmit then. Nor on macbook Trying to use fldigi on iMac. Probs Doesn't show FT-991 in rig list Doesn't recognize Audec audio connections. When I click “Tune” in upper right, it paints signal on waterfall but I see neither a switch to Transmit on Transceiver nor a ppt light on Signalink Flarq, downloaded with Flidgi, is a file transfer program Do not use FT-991 in rig choice. Instead use “None” Freq to pick are 14.07 for PSK, but 14.076 for JT65 etc. To answer CQ (me) click “grid” reply gives signal strength (me)I click next R+bd he replies (me)I click 73. Fldigi set up and screen showed strings of e and o's. Started to watch youtube video, and all of a sudden it began sending!!!!!!! Fldigi loaded on macbook pro (usiing 3.23.15) Set mac sound to internal mic and speakers Set Fldigi config sound card to USB Audio Codec Clicking “tune “with this led to transmission!! BUT Same settings for WSJT didn't lead to transmission. If USB Audio..doesn't show up in options, close out app and re-open. For PSK31 on 20m, 14.070 is the spot Content of Fldigi macros Macros are loaded at /Users/tomarny/.fldigi/macros/macros.mdf ***************** Open Terminal prompt shows tomarny$ Then 1) cd .fldigi (Note: Must have dot) 2) cd macros 3) emacs macros.mdf and edit as desired ********************************************* Use find command and then add .fldigi/macros/macros.mdf. Then emacs same path Edit as desired. Need \n at line end. Must quit Flidgi and reopen to see changes. CQ = CQ CQ CQ de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM pse k C Ans = CQ CQ CQ de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM ANS = de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM kn C Rep = de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM kn QSO = RR NBR TU Dde KG7STM So, to answer a CQ, Reply by me = de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM kn (He sends back stuff) I reply = de KG7STM (then begin mini-chat) Hello His name Name here is Tom RST = signal report (599 599 if strong) QTH = Patagonia, AZ Loc = DM41om Btu OM de KG7STM His reply is more stuff I close out with de KG7STM Tnx for the QSO, 73s to you de KG7STM sk (Note: sk is important as it indicates termination of contact) ********* Using Flidgi macro buttons: 1) Enter call letters of station calling CQ in Call box 2) Click “CQ rply button (Message sent is de KG7STM KG7STM kn My name: is Tom Tom QTH: Patagonia, AZ Loc: DM41om DM41om BTU de KG7STM KN 3) After CQ-caller acknowledges, click QSO button which sends de KG7STM KG7STM KG7STM kn Thanks for QSO. Name here is Tom Tom RST is 599 599 QTH is Patagonia, AZ Loc: DM41om DM41om BTU (((NOTE REPETION!!!!) 4) Finally click “Sign-off” button. Sends de KG7STMTnx for the QSO, 73s de KG7STM sk de KG7STM NOTE: Scripts for PSK31 can be typed elsewhere and then copied and pasted into Flidgi. To do, Create script elsewhere and copy. Then paste into blue screen on Fldigi Then click TX in lower right corner. Flidgi running Sept 6,2021 using ft-891 with signalink and macbook pro laptop open fldigi Set at ft-991 works fine. set freq =14070 (or whatever0 Upper left mode box should be USB Move red lower cursor lines to strong signal Should get translation beige panel above waterfall CW with Fldigi go to cw part of bnd (tune manually) set OpMode to CW Put cursor on signal Decoded txt will appear in buff pane.