ICOM Settings

Use Menu then meter to get opening screen

Menu_set-connectors -
ACC/USB Output  Select= AF
	Output level = 50%
AF SQL = off
Beep Speech = off
ACC/USB IF output = 50%
Mod Level = 50%
USB Mod level = 50%
Data Off Mode  = Mic, Acc
Data Mod = usb
External Keypad = nul
CI-V nul
USB Serial function = CI-V
RTTY decode baud = 9600
USB Sending key = nul

ICOM Screen  shows USB-D
	Filter 2  VFO 1 A blankP.Amp1 AGC = M
MUST BE ON USB-D to transmit

WSJTX must be set to data/pkt in radio prefs or it switches out of USB-data


I copied settings from HP laptop to macbook pro and it now works (Nov 8, 2020).  In particular

on WSJT Radio page, 
Baud rate = 9600
Mode = None
Split Op = none.

Lack of signals
	Check time synchrony